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Happy to present to you, our lovelly group of ladies.

To get to know our females a little bit better and form an idéa of ​​their personalitys etc, please klick below to get transfered to our instagram where you´ll find further presentation and everyday glimpses of happenings in our house.
You´ll allso find a short presentation below of every single one of these pretty ladies and a few glimpses from the exterior of our cats home. Please scroll down and happy reading
Aros af Ryssgärdet

GIC SE* Aros af Ryssgärdet BLENDA, Aby a

Kattförbundet SVERAK

Date of birht  30-04-2021 

A magical cat, born and breed in our home. A first class showcat Ex 1 cetificates and titels brought home in warp speed. Beautiful blue with excellent chin and amazing eyes. Blenda waved by by to her first litter of two beautiful schowcat girls flying of new adventures with their nwe persons. It´s a bliss for us breeders to follow theese two on upcoming shows and everyday life. We are currantly looking for a siutable male for Blendas 2:nd litter. When decided we will post it in "Upcoming litters" 
Aros af Ryssgärdet

IC SE* Aros af Ryssgärdet FLORA, Aby n

Kattförbundet SVERAK

Date of birht  14-07-2022 

A spunky littel ruddy rocket with the biggest of hearts. She is born in our home and fatherd by a ruddy male from our first ever litter. Fantastic tempramet, super intelligente and agile. Not affraid of anything and absolutly LOVES  to tag along on our Family adventures. Excellent ticking and short shiny fur. This beauty snags titles in the fast lane.

Aros af Ryssgärdet

S* Primuz-Zezam Fanzy "SVEA" Aby o

Kattförbundet SVERAK

Date of birht  26-02-2021 

A beautiful clever sorrelgirl, shiny superoat and great ticking. A lovelly personality playfull and intelligent. Loves to sit on your shoulder whils everyday business is happening. She is one supemom I´ll tell you. First litter 6 kittens 2.nd litter, 5 kittens and she did all the work on her own. No help from us humans other than lots of love. She is very dear to us.