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Aros af Ryssgärdet 

The story of the magnificant Abessinian

It all started a long, long time ago in Abessinia/Ethiopia

Abessinians are an aincent  breed, there is old images from what seems to be Abessinian cats dates several thousands of years back. The images resepbles a cat with large ears, a lean and strong muscular body and a coat similar to Abessinians with that characteristic ticking.   

Theese cats were highly revered and often depicted. The name Abessinians is belived to originate from the Brittish soldiers statnioned in Abessinia mid 1800 centyry and that brought the cats home. 

Yhe Abessinian breed was recognized and became popular by the end of 1800 century and the first Abessinian was registrered 1889 and was praised for the beautiful particular coat and the great personaily. 

Sweden enjoyed the first Abessinian 1953, and we for one are most thankful for that, and we take great pride and joy in breeding this wounderful cat