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Welcome to our website.

Abessinians are a lovely breed to live a happy and joyus life alongside.

They are just adorable, beautiful, full of life and a bit cheeky(but in a good way) and forfills your life to the max.

You never ever have a dull moment beeing an ABY owner.

We are situated just north of Uppsala (45 min from Arlanda Airport) and our cattery is smack in the middle of everytning in our big house in the countryside . Our breedingfemales, live alongside us 24 7. What we do they do, what we see they see. We open a drawer.. they are in it :)
Our philosophy is that our cats should be healthy and sound, with a beautiful exterior and a wise interior. The cats must be stable and secure within them selves when they leave us for their new families, therefore we spend a lot of time hanging out with them preparing them for life's events and impressions so that they are well prepared and nothing in life is scary . We are looking to see our cats taking on life with calmness and curiosity.
We live in a big house in  the countryside and the lot of the family is committed to the best interests of the cats.

We make sure that the cats are involved in most of what we do daily. Riding the car back and forth picking up the kids from school, getting comfortable with water and palying, sleeping in the transportcage on the floor, everyday sounds and events occuring in daly life and lots of other things.


Our cats are SVERAK registrered