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A cheerful, intelligent and friendly cat

The breed is highly intelligent and skillfull. Don´t be surprised if your cat picks up on fun tricks such as retrieving, "high five", getting back to you when called just lika a dog and other fun stuf.
They are quick to play and end up in mischief with a nother Aby is just bound to happen. You are never bored! It is usually not difficult to teach the Abyssinian to walk in a harness / leash, nor to have an Aby as an indoor / outdoor cat or both and 😊
With our experience, we think the Abyssinian is a very fun and uncomplicated breed. They are friendly cats and rarely looks for conflicts. They Love to and be in the midst of things and at the center of events and attention. They are a perfect match with other active breeds. They stay close to home if they get the opportunity to be outsidecats, but are very fearless and often have a bit of an over belief about themselves that can make them end up in trouble. Our former little Aby Mille certainly thought he could land a jump of over two meters from our boat to the cliff when he was 15 weeks old Ofcourse he ended up in the plunge in the cold sea. He did not give up(like a true Aby) and made another attempt a moment later. If you are going to have your Aby outside unsupervised, it is important that you live in a place where dangerous things do not by chance attract and the Aby is so curious and easily jump into cars...any car. Even though it is unbelievable, not everyone appreciates someone else's cat on their property so make sure you live in the rigt neighborhood. Being talkative is also a feature that Abyssinian cats possess, as well as being food-loving. It is not uncommon for food to disappear completely without a trace if you are not vigilant