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WE make sure THE CATS get the best possible chance concering foods


We serve Swedish quality catfood from Bozita, Both soft food and dry feed. The food is manufactured in Vårgårda.  Swedish top of the line produce. We chose Bozita simply for that reason. When you look at the cats, you shuld see shiny and great fur quality, great energy level, clear eyes and good muscletone to let you know that the food you serve does its thing. It is important that the cats are given hight quality foods to maintain health, build muscle and develop properly.  We allso servre rawfood from Vaisto Musch. 
Good quality foods
The foundation for good health.
Good quality foods

Unables the cat's physical development, muscles and bonestructure.

Good quality foods

Important for the cat's well-being. Cats are individuals and sometimes you have to "tailor make" to suit the individual best