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Our catteryname, how did it came about


Lets start from the begining. We are a large family with five beautiful children, mixed boys and girls. Three of our children are still living at home and two in their own nests with their loved onces. We are located just north of Uppsala in the countryside., just 45 minutes from Arlanda Airport. The whole family is involved in the cats and everything that concerns them, which feels very fortunet  and we feel grateful for that.
Mum of the family is a licensed veterinary nurse and works at The University hospital for animal during the day. It helps a lot in our breeding with the experience and backgroundknowledge behind it all, especially when it comes to deliverys but also the importance of hygiene and other crusial things. She also helped her mum bred hourses from a young age. To tell you the truth it is not completely different from cat breeding except for the fact they are a tad bit smaller (with that said not easier)
The philosophy is still the same in any case, to always breed healthy individuals both physically and also mentally is the most inportant thing . To allways see to it that healthy stable cats are born into the world. Mum and Dad of the family keep track of the big things concerning just that, but the children are true animal friends helping out with all the other important thins as cuddle and play and prepare the little ones for the big world.

Our cattery name Aros Af Ryssgärdet came about, due to the fact that the place where we live is an old Viking site that was called Ryssgärdet and Aros springs from the way Uppsala formerly was called (Östra) Aros. We try to name our little ones by old Viking names as you may have noticed. Bjarne, Alve, Brisa, Atle, Blenda & Assar for example . Hope you found this background history interessting